Meet with the Senior Leadership Team to explain the process and the questionnaires that will be executed and returned for aggregation and analyses to determine the current state and business environment.  Subsequently, meet one-on-one with the Senior Leadership Team.  This provides an understanding of the roles and responsibilities, a SWOT, and an assessment regarding the trust, excitement, frustration, and overall team effectiveness levels.



In order to develop the Strategic Direction, we must do the following, in this order; 1) Strategic Thinking, 2) Strategic Decisions, and 3) Strategic Actions.  With the full understanding of the internal organization Strengths and Weaknesses and the external Opportunities and Threats, the Leadership Team will discuss, understand, and agree upon the individual roles and responsibilities, the current core competencies, the current products and services, and the future exploitation of these.



We will, collectively, derive a comprehensive listing of the Strategic Objectives that need to be accomplished in order to take the organization to the next level of efficiency and excellence.  These Strategic Objectives may include internal or external initiatives that shall support the Senior Leadership agreed-to Strategic Direction.  The Team will decide on the critical few Strategic Objectives at this stage.  The overall buy-in is essential to the implementation stage.



Now that the critical few Strategic Objectives have been identified, prioritized, and agreed upon, we will draft the one-page Action Plans that will identify the approach, schedule milestones, responsible individual(s), resources required, and accomplishments.  The Action Plans will be approved by the entire Senior Leadership Team prior to execution or modification.  No changes/modifications may be made without the approval of the Senior Leadership Team.



The Owner(s) of each Action Plan will brief the entire Senior Leadership Team regularly.  This aids in communication and alignment of resources as well as ensuring that the Action Plans continue to be worked as planned.  Initially, the Action Plans will be briefed weekly and then may be extended,  but only with the consent of the entire Senior Leadership Team.  This peer review serves as the accountability tool for implementation assurance that leads to sustainability.